RicoLayer Events

RicoLayer Events is an event planner in Sacramento, CA that reached out to me with a request to boost their online presence.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with them by, among other things, rewriting their website copy.

The fun part about writing for RicoLayer is that it was founded on a clear ideology, but the workings of that ideology were not so easily unpacked.

When Roneka, the founder and lead planner, reached out to me, she knew exactly what she wanted to do through her business:
“I want to bring people together,” she said. And I immediately climbed on board to help!

But when we got to discussing what people… we found out that there was still some investigating to do.

So my work with her began by drafting a branding guide and a customer avatar.
We needed something to give her a more profound awareness of how to position the brand in front of its ideal audience.

This meant focusing a lot of time to find out

  • Who do we want?
  • What will we give them?
  • Why should they care?
  • How do we make them care?

“Highlight what I can offer”

One of the things Roneka was most concerned about, was that her website was not really showcasing the need for her services.

And while it’s true, nobody really needs an event planner, most people need their time back, or a way out of being on hold with 7 different vendors, or the sweet relief of finally getting to party with your guests (as opposed to monitoring the kitchen and caterers all day).

Put simply, she didn’t want non-qualified people reaching out. So I made sure the website:

  • Triggered feelings of relatability, 
  • Retained viewers' attention,
  • Communicated value.

Community Engagement

Local Sacramento culture is foundational to RicoLayer Events.

Beyond targeting Sacramentans for their services, the company hosts community engagement events to support local artists, vendors, and entrepreneurs.

Writing this page was very special because it was genuine.

“We exist to support you” could not have been clearer than this.

I loved this project because

I learned a lot.

I had to thoroughly research a city I’d never been to.
And write through a voice I’d only heard over 3 Zoom calls.

But wow, was it worth it for a response like this one:

Besides needing me to change Sacramentals to Sacramentans (Reddit users really failed me on that one) and a few other comments of the sort, SHE LOVED IT!

And here’s another thing:

Rico loves people like I love people!

Yes, it’s a business. And yes, it’s transactional.
But the point of it all is to connect with the right people.

This company’s vision is so similar to mine - it felt heartwarming to help them find their voice.

You are

You should be free

You radiate