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Website and email copywriting for creative B2C brands
Let’s give your brand a likable face!
Welcome to the beginning of an insane web presence, fans, and loyal
buyers, branding you can be proud of, sales, sales, and more sales.
Get copywriting services that kill the fear of building an online brand
that doesn’t sound or feel like you.

Maybe you’ve been sending emails no one opens, reads, clicks on, or buys from.

Perhaps you’ve tried SEO and were left with copy that sounded forced.

Or tried being spontaneous and came across as unprofessional.

You want your brand to be your professional greeting card…
but you have no idea where to start.

Let me help you!

Client Chronicles

How this works

I exist to make things easy for you. I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary meetings or overcomplicated copywriter lingo. So my process is very streamlined.

But the point of my work is to make prospects connect to you!
Which means, I still kind of need you.

After we’ve gotten to work together, and some time has passed, you’ll get to put your feet up and let me daze your clients and leads. But communication between us is always very important!


Website Copywriting

Customized copywriting;

Integrated brand identity + client avatar;

Market + competitor research;

5 web pages;

2 revisions;

Starting at $2250

Email Marketing

Lead generation strategies;

Personalized and on-brand email copy;

Welcome/indoctrination sequence;

Weekly emails;

Starting at a $1500/month retainer.

Content Writing

Evergreen and optimized content;

Ghostwritten blogs/articles (as in, I write it and you get to put your name on it);

Monthly content planning;

2 revisions;

Exclusively available to website copy clients.

Starting at a $1200/month retainer.

Marketing Campaign/Strategies

Campaign planning;

Content calendar;

Ads + emails;

Landing page(s) copy;

Sales page copy;

Exclusively available to website copy clients.

Starting at $1800

The CopyKatt Process


We get on a call and get
to know each other!

You schedule a meeting on my online calendar and we talk. This call functions as a sort of consultation/onboarding process. I get to know your brand/values so I can write copy that feels genuine.
I might ask you to fill out a questionnaire. And you share your brand guide and tell me about your client avatar. But don’t freak out if you don’t have those! I can help you create either of them if need be.


You book your service.

After we’ve gotten to know each other, you pick one of my services below and book it. Booking is done through a 20% deposit to reserve time on my calendar.


I do my research and share an

Whether we’re working on a complete website rewrite, monthly blogs, or a marketing campaign, I will always begin with research. I need to understand your industry, audience, and competition. This stage typically takes 1-2 weeks. After this step, I can sketch a site map or an outline of the content. Once you’ve reviewed it and approved it, the writing begins.P.S.: You can choose to meet again at this stage if you need further explanation or want to offer detailed feedback. I want to ensure you feel comfortable with the work I create for you!


You get to make revisions.

As I mentioned before, neither of us wants you to work. You will receive a draft at the final writing stages, once the heavier load has been dealt with. All this is is an opportunity to make sure you’re fully satisfied. I promise to keep the pestering to a minimum - unless you need constant updates to feel safe. It’s not my style, but I can do that for you.


Get your copy and start connecting with your people!

Let’s check what services i offer!

Client Chronicles

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