A poet and storyteller on a mission to help creative brands attract, connect and sell.

I sell your story. You, get ready for that waitlist.
Let me sell your story!
It’s always a good idea for us to know each other before working together. And
you being on this page tells me you agree :)
We might not become instant besties… but let’s start with some quick

Some facts
about you:

You, my friend, are an entrepreneur looking to connect with your people.

You don’t want to compromise your values to sell.
But you definitely want to sell!

You are passionate. And fun to be around…
When you actually give yourself the time
to leave the house for a bit

You want your brand to be your professional greeting card…
but you have no idea where to start.

The CopyKatt Process

You’ve been so lost in trying to jumpstart your business. And you need help packaging your great idea.

You’re smart. And you’ve realized it’s time to
invest in help.
So you can get your time back. So you can rest.
Ah, to finally watch Netflix without guilt!
Or to take trips with loved ones.
Or just you and a backpack.
To get your life back!
Here’s the good news:
You’ve made a great thing. It’s time you got
paid for it.
It all starts here. With a well-told story.
Cheers to you, my friend!

Client Chronicles

And now… facts
about me

And now… facts about me
I love stories!!
(lol, big twist)

But seriously,

My name is Kátia Matiquite,
but I go by Katt.

I was born and raised in Mozambique.
And I'm a huge momma’s girl.

I am a digital marketer,
creative copywriter,
author and poet.
I transitioned into creative copywriting because I'm passionate about connecting with people.
I want to speak directly to individuals and tug at
their hearts.

And I work with brands who want the same.

I help innovative B2C brands through:

Connection-driven website copywriting.

Email marketing that sells their story.
And for returning customers, whose visions I
support, I do some other stuff, like:

Design marketing campaigns.

Ghostwrite blogs/articles.

or custom packages.

Things I hate like Michael hates Toby:

Hypocrites and liars;

Hot and humid weather;

Over-hyped and clickbaity selling;

Things I love like I do coffee:

The beach on rainy days;

Jesus and people;

Coffee again.

The CopyKatt Purpose

To create and tell stories that help business owners connect with their audience without ever letting go of their authenticity or values.

I am motivated by my love for truth and creativity. I know my art can be influential so I choose to use it to tell stories that matter, like (you guessed it) yours.

Core values:

Creativity and Innovation: I am a creative copywriter and your story is your story. No matter how many people do what you do, the goal is to tell a new story.
One your people are looking for and one they’ll fall in love with.

Endless Support: I am here to make running your business easier. I’m always an email away. There is no question, request, or suggestion off-limits.

Story and Connection: The primary goal is to build relationships and trust. Trust brings sales. The opposite is not as true.
So we focus on your story. And give your brand a loyal loving clientele!

You (and your people) first: Though I’m the professional, you are the brand. You are the story. You matter first here.