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tell  sell
your story!

Connecting your brand to real people, and getting you paid for it!
Show me how!

Trailblazing copywriting that
gets you barbershop loyalty.

To build a community of loyal customers who’d feel like they’re cheating for even considering another brand, story is your way in
With story-focused copy, you get:
  • A concise brand with a magnetic and recognizable voice;
  • Visibility - but only where it matters! (ie, you attract the clients you want);
  • Recurring (and scalable) sales!
Because there are real people looking for your exact business or brand. They want your way of doing things. Your kind of customer service or your humor. Your location or background.
They want your story!

And I can help you write it.

But only if you’re willing to step outside the box and light it on fire!

Are you up
for it?



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“Okay… but what if I don’t know what I want?”

I got you!
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I’d like to invite you to take a look at some of my work.
This is what I’ve done for my clients. And it’s what I can do for you!

My name is Katt, and I love tea, coffee, and poetry.

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